Maybe I just need to know myself better?

I haven't  written any feeling and diary for a long time,review the space again and found out there were all the unhappy things and complaining about the life that was disappointed me,never have a think what wonderful things life already have bring for me !
It is really what i have considered all those days since I read one book which says that every result what you got in the future is based on every move and decision you have made before.we will never know what the live and  life will like to never know which road you chose and what decision you have made are good for you or others,so what we should do is cherishing what we already have and try our best to be happy,to do what we loved to do,just do it at once and don't hesitate any longer!
So I changed my space name ,QQname ...
The  names are not the keys and it will do little to what I want to do or what I should to do!It is just a meaningless word!
All this just will show me and remind me keeping smile ,keep see the world lightly and energetically.Do remember that every thing that  will come up depends on what we have done before.
what if ...? what if...? what if...?
you will think that too much,right?
OH,my god!Put it out of  your mind!
The easy said but very hard to do, Just  hope i can try and do it!

Gale is not going Germany!

Today is not a good day for me and the friends who love Gale so badly!

One friend send us a new message about Gale will  not  go to Germany this morning!

They are discussing it all feeling is complex and don't sure why he can't go .

Although  he have a wonderful opportunity work  which much important for his career,

this meeting also so important because the fans come from all the word and they 

try their best  to save money and time just for going to see them  face to face.

My many friends are so sad because they had yearned for so long.I don't know 

weather the news is correct and final decision.I just hope Gale can change his mind

and try his best to attend this meeting .

Hope all will go well!

Writer's Block: Smooch Me

I had my first kiss when i was 18 years old。it was not serious thing,just a  desire somebody drunk,i like him but not love!

except  kissed on the lip and  suck tongue a few times ,nothing happened。

i was shy and kiss the person i loved initiative。when I crave I lost him already!

There is no person I want and I can kiss for a long time,I cannot say love to anybody now after I said it to  the only person I loved much when I was in college.